Character Trait Lesson Plans, Worksheets, and Printables

Character Trait Lesson Plans, Worksheets, and Printables

Using Search PlanItI have found many lesson plans, printables and worksheets that are helpful in teaching character traits.

This website also includes lesson plans Character Traits as well as many other areas of elementary subjects.  I think this site should be one of the first to look at when searching for lesson plans, printables, worksheets and games.

The University of Missouri has an excellent e-theme full of lesson plans and resources for character traits.  These character trait lesson plans and worksheets would be appropriate for grades 1-6.

But go ahead and look at all the other character trait lesson plans, worksheets, and printables that you can find with Search PlanIt. And please remember that the brief time you take to rate a character trait lesson plan will save all of us teachers more time in the future.

And please don’t forget one of the coolest things about Search PlanIt – You can share the best character trait lesson plans that you find with just one click!

Look for these buttons   (Twitter, Facebook, Print, E-Mail)

They are at the bottom of the results page or in the popup box on individual lesson plans where it says “share these results”.  Just click the icon and share your character trait lesson plan results with your colleagues on Twitter, Facebook, or by sending an e-mail!

Thank you for using Search PlanIt!

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